本周讨论话题由Stephen Zhao以及Morgan Wu主讲,相关内容总结如下:

  1. Stephen的Slides:K8s Introduction
  2. 官方文档:Kubernetes 官方文档和教程
  3. Anders介绍K8s的视频:K8S应用场景及未来发展 Presented by Databricks Engineering Manager
  4. 不错的新手Tutorial视频:Youtube: Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners [FULL COURSE in 4 Hours]
  5. 一个很不错的关于Kubernetes的中文电子书:Kubernetes指南
  6. Kubernetes in three diagrams
  7. Kubernetes – A Comprehensive Overview
  8. Progress for big data in Kubernetes



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  1. Roamer says:

    Great learning site and the K8S links are all very helpful. Big thanks to DongGe.

  1. September 18, 2021

    […] Kubernetes架构和常见使用场景(Stephen Zhao) […]

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